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Subject: Family Compound 2It was about 11:00 p.m.My cousin Boo Boo and I spent the day hanging with his friends after their
group jackoff session. Boo Boo retrieved the porno magazines from the
corner between his dresser and the wall. I lay lazily in the recliner in
his bedroom."We gotta get these back to Sonny's room," he whispered conspiringly.
Sonny is my mother's youngest brother and the youngest of my grandparent's
eight children. He lived in the small apartment in the basement of the
compound.One of Boo Boo's greatest talents was the ability to sneak unnoticed
through a house full of adults. Of course, he passed this talent down to
me, and we often eavesdropped or snuck in and out of the house right under
their noses. Tonight, however, was one of the rare Friday nights when the
house was practically empty. My grandmother Big Ma, my mother and my aunt
Tiny (Boo Boo's mother) had left earlier in the day for a weekend excursion
to a casino Up North. My aunt Cheek spent most nights with her boyfriend.My grandfather, Paw Paw, would spend the rest of the night in his room, or
the spa, as everyone called it. My grandparents had combined the largest
second floor bedroom with a smaller bedroom to create their master bedroom.
The space now included a sitting room, walk-in closets and an oversized
whirlpool tub. Paw Paw and Big Ma's room was the only off-limits space in
the house.My grandparents bedroom took up one corner of the second floor. Boo Boo's
room was at the other end of the second floor, directly across from the
bathroom and the back staircase. My aunt Tiny had the bedroom at the front
of the house, next to my grandparents. Aunt Cheek had the bedroom across
from hers. Their were also two rooms on the third floor, which usually
served as guest rooms.Boo Boo tucked the bag of magazines under his arm. "Let's go." I followed
him down the backstairs which led to the breakfast nook outside of the
kitchen and then down to the basement laundry room. "Shhh," Boo Boo
stopped at the doorway leading from the laundry room into the basement
kitchen. I could hear the big screen TV playing in the rec room outside of
the kitchen. "Sonny must be home." Boo Boo stood looking at me, thinking,
plotting. He pushed me towards the doorway. "Go talk to him, tell him
you're looking for me." He turned and headed back up the stairs.I took a breath and walked through the kitchen and lolitas land best paysites into the large rec area.
Uncle Sonny appeared from nowhere, wearing only a pair of tight, white
boxers. Uncle Sonny was 5'10 and solid muscle. He looked massive. I
noticed his fat dick was hanging out of his boxers and looked into his
face."What's up, Bam?" he boomed. He lolita top bbs russian grabbed me in a head lock and rubbed my
head. "Come to check out your uncle?" He half dragged me into the rec
room where his main girlfriend, Stephanie, sat watching TV in her bathrobe."Guess what?" he stood me in front of her as she closed the skimpy robe
clutching it to her chest. Sonny stood grinning at her with his arm across
my shoulder. "It's Bam Bam."I turned towards the TV and gasped. Two women were engaged in a sixty-nine
on the huge screen. The camera panned to a man built much like Sonny who
was stroking his dick as he watched them.Sonny turned, looked at the screen and laughed. top preteen loli sites "You like that, Bam. Ever
seen a naked woman before." I didn't answer. He looked at Stephanie.
"Stand up," he told her." He looked back at me. "Ever get any." He turned
to Stephanie who had not moved. "I said stand up," he yelled at her. She
slowly stood and he placed me directly in front of her. "Open your robe."
No one moved. Sonny stepped between us. "Open that goddamn robe and show
my nephew what you" He stepped back so I could get a good look.Tears streamed down her face as she slowly held her robe open. I looked at
her, taking in her small, plump breasts, the ring around her nipples seemed
to take up half of her breast. I licked my lips as my eyes traveled
downward to a glory trail and then the matted hair of her pussy. There was
a noise on the stairs behind her. Stephanie quickly turned around."Boo, get your ass down here," Sonny yelled towards the stairs. Boo Boo
appeared from around the corner. There was a huge, lusty smirk on his face
as he looked at Stephanie's naked body and then the TV. Sonny quickly
crossed the room and grabbed the bag from Boo Boo's hand. Stephanie closed
her robe, ran into the bedroom and slammed the door. Sonny shrugged his
shoulders and opened the bag."What's this?" he asked staring a Boo Boo. He looked in the bag. "Oh
shit, oh shit, nephew, what you been up to?" he laughed. Boo Boo was
staring at Sonny's limp dick. "You get off on these," Sonny handed the bag
back to Boo Boo. "Hold on." he turned and walked into his bedroom.Boo Boo and I turned to the free naked little lollita TV. The man on the screen top preteen loli sites
was now laying on
his back on a bed. One of the women was riding his dick, the other ls lolitas gallery pic his
face. Boo Boo grabbed his crotched and I realized I had a hard on. I
didn't know how long I had been hard.Uncle Sonny came out of the room. His dick was still hanging from his
boxers. It was now shiny, longer and plumper. It seemed to be about six
inches long and not fully hard. He looked and Boo Boo and laughed. "I
figure at your age and size, you'd be getting some snatch by now, boy.""I do, " Boo Boo laughed, his eyes dropped to Sonny's crotch again."Here." Sonny handed me two DVD's and grinned. "Maybe you'll learn
something." He slapped me on the shoulder, almost knocking the wind out of
me and hugged me to his chest. "I gotta go take care of something. See ya
later." He turned to Boo Boo. "Enjoy the literature. I got plenty more."
He let go of me and walked back to his bedroom."Let's go." Boo Boo said, as he passed me taboo russian loli gallery heading for the back stairs.We reached Boo Boo's bedroom and shut the door. He threw the magazines
into the recliner and took the DVD's from me. They were in clear cases and
labeled in magic marker. One was labeled "Double Trouble", the other
"Group Therapy". "We can watch these in bed," he said.As I began taking off my clothes, Boo Boo, placed a tape in the DVD player
and turned on the TV. He stepped back and pulled his t-shirt over his head
as he watched the title flash across the screen in black and white, "Double
Trouble." The screen went black and then there were two black guys
standing on each side of a chair. A white woman sat in the chair legs
spread holding a huge black dick in each hand. Boo Boo backed up towards
the bed. "Damn look at those dicks," he shook his head as he stared at the
TV screen, dropping his pants.I was already laying in bed in my underwear. Boo Boo bent over to remove
his pants, his ass in my face. I noticed the curly hairs sprinkled across
his wide ass. Boo Boo turned and looked at me. He got in the bed naked
and crawled over me. We were laying on the spread. "Pull the cover down."
We pushed the spread to the foot of the bed, then turned our attention to
the TV.Both men were now fingering the woman's pussy as she jacked a dick in each
hand. I rolled onto my side with my back to Boo Boo. He spread his legs
and began strolling stroking his dick. I grabbed and squeezed my own dick.
The men on TV were now each massaging a fat breast as the woman took the
head of both dicks into her mouth. "Damn those dicks are big and you can
see all the way up her pussy." Boo Boo moaned.He stopped stroking his dick. "You ever jack off?""Not really," I answered quietly. "I guess I didn't know how until today.""You ever get your nut.""Yeah.""How?" Boo top preteen loli sites Boo turned on his side and I could feel him watching me."Well," I felt him move towards me."Rubbing my shit with my hand or against the sheet. Sometimes in my
sleep".Boo Boo placed his arm around me and pulled me back against him. His
breath was hot against my neck, his dick poking my back. He slid my
underpants down my legs and grabbed my dick in his fist. "Well, little
cuz, I guess I'll have to teach you."He maneuvered us both until his dick was embedded in the crack of my ass.
I was more excited than I had ever been. He was firmly squeezing my five
and a half inch hard dick in his fist. His dick felt thick and hot as he
pressed into the crack of my ass without moving. His lifted his head and
watched my face. "This can by better than pussy." He began to stroke my
dick between two of his fingesr. I took a deep breath. He stopped
stroking me and began fondling my balls as he smiled down at me. "You'll
like this cuz." He grabbed my dick in his fist and began jacking. I had
never felt such wonderful sensations before. I was aware of every inch of
my dick as my cousin firmly jacked. I took a deep breath and began pumping
in an out of his fist. As I pumped his fist, Boo Boo's dick slid along the
crack of my ass. He smiled and layed his head in the crook of my neck.
"Feels good, huh," he moaned. I felt my dick jerk and my top nude lolita pics balls tighten.Boo Boo removed his hand and rolled onto his back. "Roll over," he said,
gently tugging on my shoulder. I rolled over onto my back. He took his
dick in one hand and mine in the other and jacked us both, while watching
my forbidden loli bbs pics face. He stopped stroking and turned towards me leaning up. He held my
dick by the base and studied it. "Not bad. Nice size for you age." He
placed his hands under my balls and caressed them.I looked at the TV. There were three new people. A woman on her knees
with a dick in her mouth and her pussy. I realized there was now sound, as
the woman moaned loudly and the men grunted.Boo Boo laid back on the bed. He took my hand and wrapped it around his
dick. He began jacking us both again, then moved his hand from his own
dick, letting me take over. I looked down at my hand around his dick and
began to explore it with the tips of my fingers, running them along the
veins on his shaft and then around the ring of his circumcised head.He turned his head and smiled. He was jacking me with firm even strokes.
I took his dick in my hand and started matching his movements. He squeezed
my dick and I shuddered. I layed back and began to enjoy the sensations
again. My dick jerked, I looked down and a clear drop of liguid oozed from
the piss slit. Boo Boo tightened his grip. "Ugh," I lifted my legs a
little, planting the heel of my foot in the mattress. I felt a tingling
along the shaft of my dick. "Ugggh," I shot harder than ever before. It
struck me just under my chin...another shot landed next it...the next one
hit a nipple. I kept shooting until my stomach was naearly covered and cum
was seeping into my navel. It felt incredible. I took a deep breath and
melted into the mattress.Boo Boo clamped his hand around my hand and his dick, squeezing tightly.
"Ahhh, shit," he screamed and shot cum into the middle of his chest. He
squeezed tighter and pumped his dick into my fist.
"Ooh...shit...shit...shit." He kept pumping until I felt the warm thick
cum seep onto my finger. "Shit," he coughed and froze.After a minute, Boo Boo turned and looked at me. "Damn, that was a good
one," he whispered. He looked down at the come covering my body. forbidden loli bbs pics He
raised the hand he used to jack me off and sucked the cum between his thumb
and finger. "Sweet," he smiled down at me. He dipped a finger in the cum
in my navel and bought it to my mouth. "Taste." I sucked his finger, the
cum was kind of sweet.He used the same hand to scoop some of the cum from his stomach, raised it
to his mouth and sucked his finger. He looked at me and smiled again,
"Hmm, not as sweet, but good." He scooped more of his own cum onto his
finger and fed it to me. His cum was more salty and thicker, but I didn't
mind the taste.He raised the hand he had used to jack himself off and licked the cum from
it and then licked the cum from both of my hands. "Sperm cocktail." He
laughed, leaped out of the bed and grabbed a towel from underneath. He
stood over me, leaned down and licked the cum from just under my chin, then
used the towel to cleaned the rest of the cum from us both."So was it good?" he grinned down at me."Yes." I could not express how good it felt and I felt now."Told you it would be." He tossed the towel on the floor and got back in
bed. "Sometimes it's better than pussy." He lifted the remote and turned
off the TV. "Guess we'll have to save the movie for later." He for real lolita lovers
kissed my
forehead. "Wait til I get you some head."We turned with our backs to each other and went to sleep.
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